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Feature Overview

Some of the amazing features of Franchise by Text include:


No more landlines. No more talking with another family member. Direct to the contact saving you time and money again!


Never a contract. Cancel anytime and we only charge for qualified leads delivered. Just call or email us anytime.


Another NEW industry tactic! This allows the contact rate to be even higher. We can deliver your website or even a contact page to gather more information; such as an application form. We can immediately text the prospect your landing page so they have the ability to read more information before the initial discussions. Conversations are further along the sales cycle and the individual has a better understanding of the opportunity, once again saving you time and money. Better educated leads delivered without a question. With FBT we KNOW this number will be 200% – 500% increase contact rate based on market research and exprience.


This is our secret sauce for franchisors. We normally only offer one opportunity per day to the interested party. If they agree to be contacted we immediately deliver the information to the franchisor. The interested party is not slammed with 10 other companies. Business shopping can be an overwhelming process. Instead of trying to learn several different opportunities at once we encourage them to look at one at a time. They have time to evaluate, discuss, and think about the offering without their phone ringing off the hook and become disinterested in the idea of salesman calling them just to have a basic conversation.


We only work with hand chosen opportunities. We simply cannot house a database of 300+ franchise offerings list typical old portals. We have a strict policy to stop texting the prospect after 30 days. This means we have to hand pick the franchise offerings due to limited space. If your opportunity is chosen to participate you will have a short list of other opportunities they are also interested in. No longer are you mixed in with 100’s of other offerings. Just plain and simple.


Since we do not always provide emails, we do not require a bad phone number AND bad emails to qualify a bad leads. We expect our bad leads will be less than 1% due to the Double OPT-IN requirement. This is due to strict FCC requirements. If you happen to get one, no problem! Just send us the bad number and we will immediately credit your account and add them to the Do Not Text list.


Follow-up assistance – For an extra nominal fee we will “re-text” the contact to assist to setup a time to revitalize the lead. Instead of redirecting them to other franchise offers, we will ask them, via text message, if they have made contact with your organization. If they have not, we can assist in scheduling a time.


We still encourage you contact the prospects immediately. These individuals love texting too! If you are currently not marketing to your prospects this way, we can assist. Allows you to communicate with your prospect easier than ever.


This is the old way to market to individuals. No more spam emails to get them back to the portal to evaluate the offers when they are no longer interested. Another HUGE advantage over legacy portals.


By focusing on the mobile market, We get creative on how we advertise and reach those busy individuals. We capture many of our leads from individuals “on the go”. These are ones found traveling. Hotels, Airports, Taxi Cabs, Stadiums, and the incredible changing world wide web. Our focus are individuals who are highly motivated, educated, successful, liquid, and ready for change.

How We Work

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